About the company

With the objective of finding solutions for patients suffering traumatic or pathological problems and seeking to restore their quality of life and self-esteem, as well as assisting specialists in medicine and dentistry, we have a multidisciplinary technical staff composed of biomedical engineers and programmers highly trained in planning , Production, sterilization and delivery of customized materials.

"Customize Life is a reference company in the development of personalized anatomical prostheses, a reference in technological innovation in the health area."
Based on computed tomography data sent to us by health professionals, we produce and develop cranial, dental, bucomaxillofacial and biomodal prostheses, as well as customized surgical instruments, in order to meet the demands and solve specific problems of each patient.

We work with advanced materials such. We also present the best cost-benefit in the development of molds for modeling bone cement PMMA - polymethyl methacrylate in surgical center. Aiming to attend the areas of Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Bucomaxillofacial and Orthodontics.ics.


Customize has a team of highly qualified professionals comprised of scientists, researchers (masters and doctors) and biomedical engineers who bring together knowledge about human body anatomy, engineering, computing and custom prosthetic production.

Françoá Horn
Érika Ferraz
Mariana Guerra
Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager
Gabriel Gonçalves
Business Sales Executive
Mariula Brandolt
Administrative and Financial