Customize Facialcast

With an excellent cost-benefit, the Customize Facialcast – Maxillofacial Surgery Template set is designed for molding anatomically personalized prostheses, in the natural dimensions and curvatures of the patient’s face, rehabilitating the biomechanical function and aesthetic form. The prosthesis is made intraoperatively using the bone cement mold (PMMA). Projects with accuracy in all types of needs:

Frontal sinus (Glabella), Maxilla, Malar, Goniac angle, Mentum, Eye socket: Upper wall (orbital ceiling), Lower wall (orbital floor), Side wall, Medial wall.

Benefits and Features


The prosthesis is made of acrylic bone cement (PMMA) at the time of surgery, using the customized mold. This technology combines agility in production and affordable costs.


Projects developed with quality and rigor, preserving the natural dimensions and curvatures of the patient's face and skull, rehabilitating the biomechanical function and restoring the aesthetic shape.


Structural analysis to establish the ideal thickness of the projects. It considers the immediate postoperative period and the late postoperative period, respecting the patient's physiological characteristics.


Projects with accuracy in all types of needs. Experience in planning several cases attended in Brazil, Europe and Latin America.


Acrylic bone cement PMMA has been used for more than 40 years as a bone substitute, proving its effectiveness.


Exclusive closing system that does not require the acquisition of a pressing system.

project analysis and details

How it works

step 01:

Perform CT scan (computed tomography) following the capture protocol.

step 02:
Upload Images

Ainda no primeiro etapa você encaminha as imagens por meio de nossa plataforma de envio.

send the images here

step 03:
Processing and budget

We process the images and develop the template structure based on virtual reconstruction.

step 04: Project approval

We sent a virtual 3D model of the cap to be shaped for approval by the requesting physician.

step 05: Production

The production is performed with high precision by laser sintering.

step 06: Packing and shipping

Mold and bone failure are properly checked, packed and shipped to the surgical field.