Faithful replica of bone sets of a given patient, allows greater predictability and safety in the planning and execution of surgeries.

Benefits and Features

3D printing

After computerized data analysis, the biomodel is manufactured from the most advanced technology in 3D printing

Faithful reply

The replicas represent skeletal structures with fidelity and accuracy

Teaching instrument

The analysis of biomodels allows medical professionals and patients to understand the mode and effects of each operative procedure before performing the surgeries

Saving time and cost

Surgeries performed with the help of biomodels reduce the time of operation, the recovery time and consequently the expenses with hospitalization and rest

project analysis and details

How it works

step 1:

Perform CT scan (computed tomography) following the capture protocol.

step 2:
Upload Images

Ainda no primeiro etapa você encaminha as imagens por meio de nossa plataforma de envio.

send the images here

step 3:
Processing and budget

We process the images and develop the template structure based on virtual reconstruction.

step 5: Project approval

We sent a virtual 3D model of the cap to be shaped for approval by the requesting physician.

step 7: Production

The production is performed with high precision by laser sintering.

step 10: Packing and shipping

Mold and bone failure are properly checked, packed and shipped to the surgical field.