Custom Mold for PMMA

With excellent cost-effectiveness, the mold for modeling the skull cap in acrylic bone cement PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) is produced in a biocompatible and highly temperature resistant material, which makes it possible to sterilize by autoclaving. The modeling of the prosthesis is performed in the surgical environment, giving more agility and precision to the procedure.

Benefits and Features

Best value for money

PMMA prostheses combine production agility and affordable costs

Perfect fit

Mold that results in a prosthesis with perfect fit in the skull of the patient.


Mold in PA2200, high performance nylon, biocompatible and autoclavable, used to model bone cement prostheses in a surgical center

Traditional process

Cranioplasty modeling has been credited for years as one of the most effective methods. And PMMA has been used for more than 40 years proving its effectiveness.


PMMA enables radiological examinations for post-operative monitoring and checking


Provides tissue adherence that accelerates the healing process postoperatively

project analysis and details

How it works

step 1:

Perform CT scan (computed tomography) following the capture protocol.

step 2:
Upload Images

Ainda no primeiro etapa você encaminha as imagens por meio de nossa plataforma de envio.

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step 3:
Processing and budget

We process the images and develop the template structure based on virtual reconstruction.

step 4: Project approval

We sent a virtual 3D model of the cap to be shaped for approval by the requesting physician.

step 5: Production

The production is performed with high precision by laser sintering.

step 6: Packing and shipping

Mold and bone failure are properly checked, packed and shipped to the surgical field.

See a case

Mold in surgical center

Sterile mold ready to receive bone cement

Modeled Prosthesis

Patterned prosthesis ready to be applied to the test before being implanted.

Prosthesis Testing

We sent a bone edge of the trauma to the mold for conferencing, prosthesis finishing and screw fixing.

Application of prosthesis

After the tests and the application of the screws, the prosthesis is implanted in the head of the patient.


Depoimento 01

”A prótese de crânio devolveu minha forma natural e junto minha auto-estima”

Bella BZ - Equador

Cirurgia: Dr. Jaime Velasques / Dr. Boris Zurita